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Rebecca Campagna
Rebecca Campagna - General Manager

Rebecca has been a mainstay at Newport Restaurant Group for most of her career, having started over a decade ago as a busser and server at Castle Hill Inn. Resolve and respect took Rebecca to new opportunities where her accelerating positions built one upon the next; from busser to server at the Mooring Restaurant and 22 Bowens; from server to dining room supervisor at Waterman Grille; from supervisor to restaurant manager at the Boat House; from manager to assistant director of food and beverage, again at Castle Hill; and presently back at the Boat House as its general manager.

Today Rebecca commands an intense expertise in restaurant management as her extensive ‘hands on” experience encompasses the many facets of a successful restaurateur. Her longevity and industrious ascent at Newport Restaurant Group is a true signature of her passion for gracious hospitality and creating a spirited working environment for her team- a devotion she humbly credits her father for. “My father taught me two major things about working.”, she recalls. “One, if you truly love what you do, no matter how long and hard you have to work, you will always be happy, and second, help and support those around you. There is nothing you do in any job that is not made better by the success of the people around you. “ And with that, Rebecca aims to impart on the Boat House the dedication and diligence she learned early on and is so highly regarded for now.

Originally from Newport, RI, Rebecca now lives locally in Tiverton with her husband, twin daughters, and their beloved dog, Scampi.

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